Let Me Start With My Mission

I finally developed a personal mission that is concise and relevant. For years I worked on such a mission statement, leaning toward the more detailed end of things. However, such statements are hard to memorize. In order to really live out one’s mission, whether a mission for one person or for one organization, the mission needs to be known by heart. It needs to be something that moves at the center of one’s being. So, here is my new one sentence statement:

My mission is to live as a disciple of Christ by proclaiming the Word, transforming the world and loving my neighbors and family.

With this statement I can break it down further so that I may read up on what I mean by the mission:

I proclaim the Word through my speaking, my writing and my actions. I transform the world by identifying the needs, potential solutions and engaging people and institutions in action. I love my neighbors and family by spending time with them, communicating and listening and giving a hand wherever it could be used.

So in my personal life and in my ministry with AJS Communications and beyond, I will work toward this mission. It says who I am and where I’m going. It guides my life. What is your mission? Where are you headed? May we help each other along the way?


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