Christian Education Needs Integration With Church and Life

One of the problems with Christian education in the church today is that it is too independent. Even when there is a committee, volunteer or staff person responsible for overseeing the church school program, most classes outside of children and youth are left to fend for themselves. Some groups may like this autonomy, but that doesn’t mean it is the best thing for them.

I want to propose a more integrated approach. If the mission of the church is to build “disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world,” we need to make sure that it is happening in all aspects of the congregation. Therefore we need a disciple-making program that connects worship to small groups to each ministry of the church whether it is care-giving or administration.

Imagine this, a small group comes together for a time of worship. The needs of the group and the larger community are presented. They pray for these needs and together study Scripture, listening for God’s Word. Then they plan and step into action. In this way the church builds community, addresses its concerns and continues to grow in understanding and action.

Any person could join in, participate and lead. As the small group grows, it can multiply into additional groups addressing new needs. Class leaders would come together in their own group so that they may care for each other, network and partner for the greater ministry of the church. This is the ministry that I desire, a place where worship, study and action are all integrated to build up fully devoted disciples of Christ.


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