Social Media Needed in the Church

On Tuesday I attended a meeting of the Social Media Club of Nashville. It was good to hear from a panel of corporate social media staff sharing how today’s tools enhance the connection between the people, the company and the products and services.

The United Methodist Church proclaims itself to be a connection. To be a connection in the 21st century, the church needs to be utilizing today’s social media tools. Fortunately there has already become a good cadre of individual United Methodist bloggers. These people have already formed a community for sharing thoughts and ideas. However, local churches and church-related agencies have been slow to get into the act.

Fortunately the times may be changing. Cokesbury is using twitter for its Vacation Bible School products; United Methodist Communications has launched; and the General Board of Discipleship has announce a plan to end its Discipleship Resources printed products in favor of “creative use of the web and other delivery systems.”

I commend the movement and look forward to what is next. How will people be engaged by these tools? Will Methodism again become a movement with ideas and leadership flowing up from the people? Where will new disciples of Christ arise, and what transformation will they bring to the world?


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