Scripture is Our Story

This Sunday Pastor Paul Purdue of Hillcrest UMC preached on Exodus 13. In this passage the people are instructed to keep the Passover tradition and tell each generation that the reason for such practice “is because of what the Lord did for me when I came out of Egypt.” The language of first person (I) is to remain always, even generations after the Exodus.

This is our story. We are to remember the story of slavery and Exodus as if we were there as well. Each year during Passover, the people of God are to remember. It is sad, then, that most Christians have given up this tradition. We do not recall our time in Egypt. We do not recall how God led us out of slavery. This is especially hard since we are in a time of global economic hardship. We are in Egyptian slavery now. Remembering how God led us out of slavery once before will remind us again that God can do it today.

Christians do have one story we remember often, though we rarely put ourselves into it. The service of Holy Communion is a remembrance of the Christ’s last Passover meal with his disciples before his death and Resurrection. This celebration is also a time to remember our leaving behind our slavery to sin and to be reborn in the Spirit. However, we rarely recall our own presence in the Upper Room with a band of other Jewish outcasts.

The Last Supper is our story, too. “We belong to the story,” Pastor Purdue says. We need to remember how Christ has led us out of slavery and how we were there that final evening. Every time you partake of the bread and wine at the Lord’s Table, remember him saying to you “this is my body.” Remember that your life was in chaos, but now there is hope. God is with you always.


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