Economic Woes Brings Money-talk to Church

With the economy the way that it is, many pastors are preaching about what God has to say about our finances, including Pastor Paul Purdue at Hillcrest United Methodist Church where I worship. Some pastors are even writing books about about finances. Abingdon Press has recently published two small books on the subject. They are easy to read and could make great studies within a local church to accompany a sermon series or stewardship drive. Both of the new books come with DVDs and one also has a stewardship program developed for any church to put into action.

First is Upside Living in a Down Economy by Michael Slaughter. According to the Cokesbury catalog, “With clarity and a servant’s heart, Slaughter addresses vital topics such as money and marriage, financial and spiritual investments, personal motivation and God’s will, and determining priorities.” It is a four session study (or four chapter book) that I recently obtained and plan to read.

The second option is Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity by Adam Hamilton. This book is endorsed by Dave Ramsey. According to Cokesbury the study explores “Bible teachings . . . On faith wealth, generosity, simplicity, and discovering deep joy.” I’ve heard Rev. Hamilton speak, and I’ve read this book. It should be a good five-session study. Please read my complete story on Enough from the United Methodist News Service.

It is important to talk about this subject if we are to be a church that transforms the world. God does not want us to live in poverty but to rejoice in the generosity of his love and grace.


2 thoughts on “Economic Woes Brings Money-talk to Church

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