I Believe in Repaying Credit

During the first sermon that Adam Hamilton uses for his Enough study, he talks about creed and credit as having the same root, credo. Credo means “I believe.” A creed is a statement of belief. Often Christians say the Apostle’s Creed, the Nicene Creed or some other creed during worship. In it Christians speak of their belief in God the father, son and Holy Spirit.

When credit is extended the lender says, “I believe you will repay this loan.” Any default on the loan is the a break in the good faith of the agreement. It is the borrower’s responsibility to pay back the loan.

While humans may say creeds stating their belief in God, it is God who first extended a loan to us that included our own lives and the world around us. Therefore it is our responsibility to repay this loan by giving back our lives to God. When we say our creeds, we are re-affirming that relationship with God.

God will uphold the one side of the bargain. Scripture continuously reminds us of the Lord’s faithfulness. God even recognizes those who continue to give in times of hardship and will not let us down. So, give of your live today. God gave it to you, and you need to give at least a portion in return.


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