New Media Builds New Connections

Since starting this blog, I have been writing about how the church needs to use the Internet and social media to build its connections. My own web of connections is now growing. For a couple years now I have been on facebook, building up to more than 400 friends. Earlier this year, I joined LinkedIn and discovered the benefits of networking professionally online.

Now it is time to turn to using other tools. In the past week you may have seen me appear in three locations. First was this blog. I have been reading blogs for years and have been posting my thoughts occasionally on facebook. With this blog, I reach out to a wider audience.

Also, I am now the Nashville United Methodist Examiner at Through that site I will be covering Nashville United Methodism and issues of interest to United Methodists in the Nashville Area. In addition to the local churches and conferences, I cover the United Methodist general agencies located here. Please note that I am a freelance writer and consultant for most of them. Thus, you may see some articles on that I wrote on behalf of the agencies.

Lastly, I am now on twitter. You may follow me at AJSchlei. Even before I joined, I was very familiar with twitter as I maintain my knowledge of the variety of social media tools available. I look forward to having you join me on this journey in social media as we work together to build the church and transform the world through the power of transforming words in the digital world.


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