Christians Follow Friends Online and Off

If you believe in Christ’s call to spread the Good News, are you making friends online and off that stretch beyond Christianity? This is the question that Justin Wise asks over at Church Tweets. Christians engaged in spreading the Gospel message need to be making contacts beyond both the physical and the virtual church.

When ministering to the wider public, one needs to listen to what the public is speaking about. What are their questions? Their concerns? Their hopes? Their fears? In this age of self-revelation online, there is much opportunity to learn about the deep needs, desires and interests of those in our community.

Lately I have enjoyed connecting with people through Digital Nashville and similar groups. I discovered the ability to share ideas back and forth. While I was not explicitly saying to people that they need to have Christ in their lives, I do believe my interaction demonstrated the love and care that Christ showed.

Now we follow each other in various social media arenas. We continue to share ideas back and forth. I believe God is at work in our online social networking. How will you let God use you?


2 thoughts on “Christians Follow Friends Online and Off

    • No problem, Justin. Thank you for your original article. God’s story continues on around us. We cannot exclude others from participation in that story. Christians need to open up their hearts, minds and doors (as The United Methodist Church likes to say) to all. That includes in the digital world.

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