Sharing God’s Intimacy through Social Media

Thank you to my mother for pointing out this Christian Century article about the church and social media. I am struck by the idea of “ambient intimacy,” and applaud the growth of intimacy among friends, family and fellow Christians. According to Merriam-Webster, ambient means “existing or present on all sides.” This is a good thing. The more we are able to share God’s love with one another, the better.

I would also take this statement a step farther. We need to bring this sense of intimacy into ourselves, and not just let it be “present on all sides.” God’s love and grace is ambient, but we need to open our heart to an intimacy with God. When we are intimate with God, we will find it easier to be intimate with others.

It is fascinating that the article sparking these thoughts regards online social media. Many fear that technology keeps people at a distance. Lenora Rand challenges that idea. I agree with her that social media provides an opportunity for greater intimacy. Through facebook, I connect with more than 400 friends that I never thought I would be conversing regularly with, let alone lifting up regularly in prayer.

When we reach out and bring that ambient intimacy into our hearts, we have a profound opportunity to bring about God’s kingdom by sharing God’s love with the world.


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