Keep Track of Multiple Social Media Accounts

As your church or church agency social media work grows, you may soon find yourself creating multiple profiles on twitter, facebook and other sites. Fortunately there are tools that help you keep track of what is happening across the board.

I initially signed up for TweetDeck. It enabled me to set up multiple columns to track each of my twitter accounts along with the facebook status messages of my friends. However, this morning I upgrade my HootSuite account to version 2.0 and am already excited about it.

HootSuite 2.0 has the multiple column approach for the tweets of those your following, for @replies and for direct messages. While this can be done in TweetDeck as well, HootSuite 2.0 puts your alternate accounts in a separate tab instead of a column. Therefore, I do not have to scroll left to right in order to see all the columns. I only need to click the other tab.

I have yet to mention the original reason I signed up for HootSuite in the first place. HootSuite allows you to send your tweets at a designated time in the future. This is particularly good if you want to handle all your tweets for the day in one sitting, but don’t want them all to appear right in a row. You could even tweet for a future day, say when you are on vacation or spending time with family.

Unfortunately, HootSuite still does not connect with facebook, but I still prefer going straight to fb to see those updates over TweetDeck anyhow. One of TweetDeck’s benefits, though, is it gives you a signal whenever there is a new update on any of your streams. This can help you keep track while you work on something else such as writing your latest blog post.


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