Beliefnet Updates Site for Spiritual Seekers

When did Beliefnet update their site? I have every now and then dropped on beliefnet since it was fairly new, I was in grad school studying religious journalism. When the .com industry busted ten years ago, I thought it would take beliefnet with them. However, Beliefnet continues on and maintains itself as a hub of religious news and discussion.

Yesterday a tweet I received pointed me back to Beliefnet to read an article. At that time I saw a new look for the site. It is now cleaner, more organized and less jarring.

While it still does not provide much content that I am interested in, the content it has relating to spirituality would certainly draw in a wide variety of seekers.

Church leaders should check it out, if only to see what members of their congregation or community are following. I do not expect Beliefnet to help form disciples, but it could help inspire conversations within our own religious communities.


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