Sharing Good News When Rain Comes Down

Nashville Flooding in May 2010.

People in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as Michigan have homes underwater.

Ministry is a challenging thing. I’m sitting here at the 2010 Detroit Annual Conference. Granted, Michigan is one of the United States in the worst economic situation. The church struggles in this midst, but we cannot use it as an excuse. We must reach out to spread the Good News.

There are plenty of people here in Michigan and throughout the United States who need to hear that there is Good News even in tough economic times. Christ came with Good News in a difficult time for the Jewish people living in a Roman-controlled land. The Good News still needs to be spread today. We need to live out the church. We need to show people what Good News looks like.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee, even though I am a member of the Detroit Conference in Michigan. Recently we set the record for the most rains in a month, most of it coming down in a two-day period. Floods came upon us. More than 20 people died in the state. Hundreds, if not thousands, are out of their homes. However, the church and many others are coming to help clean out the mess the floods have left. It is wonderful to see how people came from long distances to enter in homes where mold and mildew are fast growing.

How do the people see the church? Where is the Good News? I see it in the coming together of God’s people even when they have yet to learn each other’s names. Thanks be to God.


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