Are We to Judge Each Other or to Judge Ourselves?

Who is to judge what is in one's heart?

Perhaps one of the toughest callings that Scripture asks of us is not to judge. We need only to read Matthew 7 to hear this proclamation. However this morning as I read an article about the Reverend Ted Haggard’s return to ministry, I find myself trying to figure out the intents and purposes of both Haggard and his critics. I have to remind myself that it is God whom we are ultimately under the judgment of. I don’t know what is in the hearts of Haggard or the other church leaders keeping an eye on this case. It is also not my responsibility to find out.

What is my responsibility is to look at my own life and to deal with my own failings in living the life God has called me to live. I must remove the log in my own eye because it is making it harder to see my own troubles and sins.

When I do come in conflict with a loved one or neighbor, I need to acknowledge my own faults. I cannot move forward in our relationship if I try to hide or defend my own failures. Thus, I need to open myself up to those I have sinned against and ask for their forgiveness.

Seeking forgiveness is more important than going to worship. Scripture says if you are in conflict with another leave your offering and go and reconcile before presenting that offering at the altar (Matthew 5:23-25). God wants us in right relationship with each other so that we can be in right relationship with Christ. Thus, it is important that we clean up our own lives and let God be the judge of others.


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