Lead Into Faith by Leading Outside the Church

The Society of St. Andrews distributes food in Jackson, Miss.

I am becoming more convinced that in order to teach the Gospel, we need to get outside of the church building and interact with God’s people. Without living, acting and interacting in faith we are only “almost Christian.” Christian faith cannot be solely intellectual. You can believe God exists and not follow God. You can believe Christ is the Son of God and not follow Christ. There is so much more to being a disciple.

So, to lead people into discipleship, we must lead people out onto the streets where people are living the faith every day. I know I need to build into our curriculum the time to get out and learn from those who are already living Christ-like lives. I’m not the expert on faithful living. I lack so much in fully putting Christ first in my life. I know I get too caught up in the business of the church that I don’t spend enough time living with those who love and who need love.

I am afraid of what this means. I am afraid to feel the pain of the world. I am afraid I will be hurt in ways greater than I have ever felt before. However, Christ already took the greatest pain onto himself. He suffered way more than anything I could possibly ever be put through. Why can’t I take just a minor step to meet the Children of God right where they are?

This will be a tough journey. I need to share it with others so that we can hold each other accountable for our path to discipleship. I don’t know what form this will take. I have no specific next step in mind, but I know that I must move forward. God is calling me, and I must answer to the one who loves me deeply.


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