Andrew J. SchleicherMy mission is to live as a disciple of Christ by proclaiming the word, transforming the world and loving my neighbors and family. To this end I proclaim the word through my speaking, my writing and my actions.

I transform the world by identifying the needs, potential solutions and engaging people and institutions in action. I love my neighbors and family by spending time with them, communicating and listening and giving a hand wherever it could be used.

I am an award-winning and certified Christian communicator. I have also received the Advanced Communicator Bronze and Advanced Leader Bronze designations from Toastmasters International.

The contents, including all opinions and views expressed, on this blog are entirely personal and do not necessarily represent the opinions or views of anyone else, including other members or employees of Toastmasters International and The United Methodist Church. These organizations have not approved and are not responsible for the material contained on this blog.

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